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DZ-800LS vertical external pumping vacuum machine

  • DZ-800LS vertical external pumping vacuum machine1
DZ-800LS vertical external pumping vacuum machine1


  • External type vacuum packing machine is a vacuum sealing machine pulling gases from the package (bag) directly with a gas nozzle and sealing the bag after vacuum pulling process. It can be used as bag sealer as well. Comparing with the chamber type vacuum packing machine, this external vacuum packaging machine works faster. 

    If necessary, ther user can also flush inactive gases in the bags and then seal the bag. It means this external type vacuum packing machine can be used as gas flushing sealing machine.

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PLC control, LCD display

Airtac pneumatic system

Double gas pulling (flushing) structure, vacuum pulling fast.

Height adjustable bags carrier platform.

Machine case is made of SUS 304

Machine is equipped with heavy duty casters.

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