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tips of using vacuum sealer in high altitude area

When using a vacuum packaging machine in a high-altitude area, the altitude will directly affect the vacuum degree of the vacuum packaging machine. The higher the altitude, the lower the vacuum (negative value). On the contrary, the lower the altitude, the higher the vacuum degree. The requirements for the pump are even higher. Only the plateau motor dedicated to the oil filter must be selected to be reliable. The breakdown voltage of the clearance decreases, so the clearance should be increased according to the altitude.

 Precautions for using vacuum packaging machine in high altitude areas:

1. When the vacuum pump is working, pay attention to the oil condition displayed by the oil mark (the oil should be on the oil mark line). When there is a lot of water in the vacuum pump oil, it should be replaced in time.

2. When it is found that the accumulated water in the water storage tank is full during operation, the water discharge valve can be manually operated to discharge water.

3. When condensed water is displayed on the liquid level pipe of the cooler, it must be discharged in time (close the oil filter, release the vacuum, and then open the valve at the lower end of the cooler to drain the condensed water).

4. Pay attention to whether the vacuum pump and the corresponding operating noise are normal at any time during operation. If there is any abnormality, it should be eliminated immediately.

5. When the oil intake is insufficient, stop the machine to check whether the primary filter element and the secondary filter element are blocked by impurities.

6. When the machine is not in use, drain the vacuum pump oil and inject new oil.

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