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Features of cling wrap packaging, vacuum skin packaging and MAP packaging

The cling wrap packaging uses the oxygen permeability and moisture permeability of the cling film (preservative film) to adjust the oxygen and moisture content around the cling wrapped product, block dust, and prolong the fresh-keeping period of the food.

The vacuum skin packaging is a package that places the product on the cardboard or bubble cloth, heats the lid film, adheres to the product under the action of vacuuming, and seals it with the bottom plate. Vacuum skin packaging has the following characteristics:

1. The packaging method is flexible and efficient.

2. It is especially suitable for the packaging of fragile or deformed products.

3. Vacuum sealed, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, dust-proof, and anti-parts, which can effectively protect product quality and prolong product life.

4. Low packaging cost. Application It can be widely used in the packaging of hardware, tools and measuring tools, stationery, toys, knives and tableware, small department stores, decorative buttons, handicrafts, tourist souvenirs, medical gadgets, auto parts, electrical components and other products.

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is usually done by mixing together oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, and then packaging the food/health product in a hermetically sealed package surrounded by this gas mixture. Controlling the composition of this gas mixture helps meet the specific respiratory needs of each packaged product, minimizes product spoilage, and helps extend the "best before" date of packaged products. Modified atmosphere packaging technology is primarily used for food products such as cheese, cured meats, bread and pastries, and healthcare products such as surgical implants and pharmaceutical blister packs.

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