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DZ-400-2SF twins chamber vacuum packaging machine

  • DZ-400-2SF twins chamber vacuum packaging machine1
DZ-400-2SF twins chamber vacuum packaging machine1


  • This shape of double chamber vacuum packaging machine is designed as two independent floor stand vacuum packing machine being combined together. The two chambers can work together or alternatively. 

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1. Microcomputer controlling system and digital display make the operating easy and accurate.

2. Setting memory function saves time for operating. When user repeats packaging option same as previous ones, he can select the recorded parameters setting and start directly without to set the vacuum time, sealing time, cooling time and temperature step by step.

3. The chamber and machine case is made of food grade SS304 stainless steel, which is not easy to breed bacteria and get rusted. Also the outlook is beautiful.

4. The vacuum pump is low noise standard. So the machine does not produce obvious noise when it’s working.

5. The chamber lid is equipped with high density seal rubber, which ensures the good airtight chamber space when lid is closed. Additionally the service life of this high density rubber is very long.

6. The hinge used for vacuum chamber and lid is a clever design, which the user does not need to use strength to lift or press to open or close the lid.

7. The machine is equipped with heavy-duty foot casters and brake. Users can move the machine flexibly according to the production need.

8. The machine can be produced according to different power source.

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